My missing words were bariatric meaning the treatment of obesity from the Greek

“bar” (to do with weight) “iatr” treatment and “ic” pertaining to.  And a “bench trial”, which is a trial without a jury.

And the etymology of “bevy” which, according to Etymology on line is early 15c, a collective noun of quails and ladies, from Anglo-French bevée, which is of unknown origin. One supposed definition of the word is “a drinking bout,” but this perhaps is a misprint of bever (see beverage). One source on the net suggests that a bevy of ladies refers to a delightful gathering or group comprised of women, typically characterized by their elegance, grace, and beauty. This collective noun phrase connotes an aura of charm and sophistication, emphasizing the enchanting aspect of the female presence within the group”. That all sounds backward and tiresome, the kind of thing you would expect from a gush of conventional thinkers. “Bevy” is not going to be allowed to join my vocabulary unless I have some quail-intensive experiences, which seems unlikely.

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    1. 11 October Kazi Nazrul Islam and Havelok the Dane. Tell me if you can’t find it (it should be on Facebook too) and I can DM it.

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