Corona Diary, Day 15

Monday, 30 March

I know that late night sessions are not efficient for me and cast a shadow over the following day. Also my printer is kaput. Not that I don’t have a lot to do which doesn’t need a printer but I won’t be able to do things in the order I envisaged. Ideal David Kendall would flexibly adjust in this situation. Real Existing David Kendall feels disturbed. The morning was spent in trying to find a new printer. In my imagination, the electronic equipment store had what I wanted (a mid-range mono laser printer). I’d contact them arrange payment my daughter would then drive over and pick it up for me. Easy peasy in the world of my dreams. In reality, the stock of printers is not at all as vast as the shop’s advertising might lead one to believe. Customer support is in Denmark, which sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. And specifying my location as Uppsala only encourages the website to suggest that I pop over to Örebro or Västerås and pick up what I need. It’s the kind of website/shopping experience where you can’t say exactly what’s wrong but you’re bathed in sweat even without Corona’s help and over an hour has passed without actually getting very far. In the end, I managed to place an order for delivery by courier. I’m not keen on that as it means I have to meet a person (if they succeed in overcoming our locked bell-less front door and my wonky hearing). But I’ll guess I’ll put on my zombie annihilation mask and scare them so that they dump the printer outside the door and then run like hell.

But the day wasn’t a complete disaster. I had a video chat with two of my children and caught up them and heard more about life in India and Gothenburg and I cooked from scratch, which I’m happy about. I read a bit of French but no Bangla and finished off by attacking my pile of back numbers of the TLS. I can’t find much that interests me but this has more to do with a jaded David Kendall than the TLS. I’ll try again tomorrow.


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