Corona Diary, Days 21 +22

Sunday 5 April and Monday, 6 April

Two more pedestrian days. Disturbed by waking up before 7 am but not starting any proper activity until 10 or even 11, spinning out various morning rituals over unfathomable expanses of time. I wonder whether this is old age or an effect of isolation, of being in sole charge of one’s own time.

I spend the day working through the Architecture section of my library with my ad libris stamp and then checking how many words I translated in 2016 and 2017. Every five years I have to renew my “authorisation” as a translator and, in connection with that, to state how many words I have translated in the past few years (to confirm that I am still active). I also designed an order form to collect all information about incoming jobs in one place, file name, contact person, delivery date, agreed price etc. Pretty basic stuff but I’ve not done so systematically before and have wasted a lot of time hunting through back e-mails and piles of paper. It’s stupid not to make time for such improvements as you get the time spent back many times over.

The only thing missing now is some work to record on my new order forms. I have one small job which is almost finished. I’m just waiting for an original to arrive in the post.

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