Corona Diary, Day 37

Tuesday, 21 April

A low key day today but still satisfactory. I decide to work more or less a normal working day on translation-related matters to structure the day. I’ve no translation work waiting to be done but have a couple of requests for tender/a price that I need to attend to. I decide to tackle Anglia’s files, where paper has accumulated over a 20-year period (or more). It takes most of the day (together with a couple of trips to recycle paper) but feels good to part company with some documents that have accompanied me through the years without good reason. There’s more to be done but I’ve made a good start.

A satisfying infrastructure job, which takes a while but where you usually get the time back quite quickly in the form of increased efficiency.

I am planning to take my cycle in the direction of the city tomorrow, not the centre as there are too many people there but to look at some buildings in suburban areas. I have a book with about eight architectural walks which I’d like to do – the central one with the historic buildings will have to wait until post-Corona unless I do it early in the morning. But I also want to read more about what there is to see in the surrounding countryside in the event of Sweden reopening in the summer but there still being problems travelling abroad.

I read today that Norwegian Air is bankrupt, at least in Denmark and Sweden. I used to use them quite a lot and much preferred them to Ryanair. Losing them is not so difficult for me as I travel mostly by land, at least in Europe (and I suspect that Deutsche Bahn won’t go bankrupt). But it feels like one more sign that life post-corona might not be quite the same and that perhaps the years of cheap air travel may come to an end.

Apart from that, my daily Bangla lesson. I hope to be able to master the alphabet before I’m in Bengal next time.

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